3 Secrets For Keeping Your Living Room Clean

 Check out these three secrets for keeping your living room clean.

Check out these three secrets for keeping your living room clean.

As much as we may try to keep rooms clean, our apartment may get a little messy every now and then. It’s helpful to do a deep clean and reorganize a room every few weeks, but there are a few simple ways to keep your apartment less messy.  Continue reading for three secrets for keeping your living room nice and clean!

Invest In A Clutter Catcher

Every living room has clutter or items that aren’t used on a daily basis and take up space. In a small apartment, space cannot be taken for granted. A big clutter catcher, such as a colorful woven basket, is perfect for storing books, magazine, extra pillows and blankets, and other living room items to store when not in use. Furniture with closed storage is also great for small spaces, including storage ottomans or sofas with storage under the seats. These dedicated storage spaces will help to keep clutter out of sight, yet organized.

Clear The Coffee Table

If you use your coffee table as a place to eat, work, or drop your keys and wallet after work, it can quickly become very messy. Instead of wiping off the table when the mess gets out of hand, designate a few minutes every day to clearing it off and organizing your items. Clearing off the clutter is a simple and effective way of making your living room look less messy, and it is an easy habit to set in your night-time routine.

Vertical Storage

The best way to staying clean and organized is to have as much storage space as possible. While furniture with storage is very useful, it may not be enough to keep your living room looking clean and polished. If so, install some vertical storage to give yourself more space. Bookshelves, floating shelves on the wall, and wall-mounted cabinets are not only extremely practical, but they also add a beautiful design element to your apartment.

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