Embrace Green Living This Summer In Your Apartment

Harborside Village Green LivingAs a renter, you may feel limited in making environmentally-friendly choices. However, many simple and affordable ways exist to live sustainably, even in an apartment. One of the easiest things you can do is to reduce your energy consumption. These not only help the environment but can also save you money on your utility bills. Please read through our tips below to embrace green living this summer.

Utilize These Beneficial Tips

  • Remember to turn your lights off when leaving a room.
  • Ensure all air registers are clear of furniture so that the air can circulate freely.
  • Take advantage of the sun’s warmth in cooler weather by keeping window shades open during daylight hours—alternatively, close window shades to keep the sun’s heat at bay during summer.


  • Energy-saving temperature. Adjust your thermostat to an energy-saving temperature when away from your apartment or sleeping. An energy-saving temperature will be close to the outside temperature while still comfortable inside.
  • Schedule your thermostat. Program your home’s smart thermostats around your schedule to make energy conservation even easier!

Tips For Electronics

  • Unplug electronics when not in use. Many products use energy even when switched off.
  • Use a power strip. Using a power strip can provide a central turn-off point when you are done using equipment, eliminating standby power consumption. Smart power strips will automatically turn off when items are not in use!
  • Sleep mode. Switch home office equipment to “sleep mode” to conserve energy, extend your equipment’s life expectancy, and emit less heat to the surrounding area.

Tips For Appliances

  • When using the stove
    • Use the right size pot on burners. A six-inch pot on an eight-inch burner wastes nearly 50 percent of the burner’s heat. This will help keep your kitchen cooler as well!
  • When washing dishes
    • Run the dishwasher only when dishes have accumulated for a full load to conserve energy and water.
    • Turn off your dishwasher’s heat dry setting, if possible, and let your dishes air dry once the load is complete.
  • When doing laundry
    • Wash your laundry with cold water when possible.
    • Clean the lint trap before running the dryer. A clean lint trap will allow your dryer to move heat and circulate air as efficiently as possible.
    • When possible, air-dry your clothes.

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