Learn How Knitting Can Liven Up Your Apartment During The Winter


Learn how knitting can benefit your apartment.

When the winter temperatures are cold, it’s a great idea to spend more time in your apartment enjoying the warm and comfortable indoors. Many different hobbies suit themselves indoors, and knitting is one of them. Knitting is a fun way to learn a new skill while making valuable things for your apartment and your wardrobe. What are some of the ways that knitting can liven up your apartment during the winter months?

A Cute New Friend

Whether you have a friend who has a young child or you enjoy making your stuffed creations, there are endless things that you can knit and crochet, including teddy bears, squirrels, and more. If you like to plan, you can even use this time to knit small animals that will become tree ornaments during the next holiday season.

Drawer Pulls and Handle Warmers

Cold metal doorknobs can be uncomfortable in winter, but did you know that you can knit drawer pull or handle covers? These are relatively simple to make and don’t require a lot of yarn, making them great for using up the rest of the yarn you already started using for something else.

Flowerpot Holders

If you are one of the millions who started caring for house plants over the past couple of years, keeping them alive and comfortable can be challenging during the coldest months of the year. One way to add warmth and keep the roots comfortable is with a knitted holder for your flowerpots.

Book Covers

You can knit some covers if you are also a lover of books. These protect the surfaces of the books from scratches and damage, and they also make your hardbacks and paperbacks look a lot cuter!

Chair Covers

Suppose you have an older couch that has seen better days or just want a fun way to customize your furniture and make it one-of-a-kind knit chair covers for your armchairs or sofas. There are endless colors and styles to choose from, and this is a fun project that will take you at least a couple of weeks.

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