Luxury Apartment Living: Tips for Keeping Cool this Summer

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Keeping cool in your luxury apartment isn’t always easy.

Keeping your luxury apartment cool in the summer is easy if you have air conditioning and don’t mind spending the money. For some people though, maintaining the cool isn’t as easy as pushing a button. You’ve got to get creative about keeping yourself perfectly chilled in your luxury apartment, and we can help. With a few tips, you’ll feel like you’re enjoying a cool summer breeze instead of sweating in a sauna.

Making Smart Use of your Apartment this Summer

When it comes to keeping cool, you can use the existing attributes of you apartment to your advantage. Your big sunny windows are great at creating an open feel and letting in the sunlight, but that sunlight can be your downfall in your quest to maintain a pleasant temperature. You probably have curtains or blinds on your window to add to the décor and create privacy, but they can also help you control the temperature. Keep them closed, especially during the day, so that sun doesn’t sneak in and warm everything up.

Close off any doors to rooms you aren’t using so that the cool air isn’t diluted across a massive space during the hottest hours of the day. At night and in the cooler evening, open up your doors and windows so that cool air can flow freely throughout. Turning on your ceiling fans to a counter clockwise setting, and using ventilation fans will also help circulate hot air out and cool air in.

If you have incandescent light bulbs in your apartment, get rid of them. These wasteful little things spend more energy emitting heat than they do lighting your home. When you switch out your bulbs for a CFL alternative, you keep your home cooler and lower your energy bills.

Your oven and stove are major contributors to the heat in your home. Cooking can be a great way to keep warm in the winter, but during summer months it will make your house awfully toasty. If you feel like cooking but don’t want to turn on the over, switch to the grill instead. You’ll keep the heat outdoors and come inside to a cool apartment.

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