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What app will you be using for your move?

Moving can be extremely stressful. From packing everything to actually coordinating the move, it can be stressful and, if you aren’t a planner, downright disorganized. But this is where technology saves the day. With moving apps, your move will be coordinated, quick, and easy. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite moving apps and how they can help you move into your new Harborside Village Apartment.

Move Advisor (Free for all mobile devices)

Move Advisor is an app that is designed to make your move organized. This moving app has four different tools in it, each one addressing an important stage of your move. They include Moving Timeline, Home Inventory, Movers Around You, and Get a Moving Quote. The Moving Timeline function is the most detailed function and offers a week-by-week moving checklist. When you first download the app, it will ask you when your moving date is and how you plan to move or when you want to hire a moving company. This information is put into a personalized week-by-week to-do list. As you go through the weeks, you can mark these tasks done as they are completed or delete them if they are irrelevant. There is also an “Action” button on each task that will help you complete the task by taking you to relevant websites. The next function on this app is the Home Inventory list. This function allows you to add different rooms and to add the items in that room so you know what needs to be moved on the big day. The Home Inventory also allows you to send to different people including your moving company so they have an idea of what they are moving.

MyMove (Free for all mobile devices)

MyMove is full of information rather than organizing your move. From the first screen, this app offers expert moving advice from around the web. It will give you articles/moving tips and tricks; relocation guides, moving checklists, interviews, and moving industry news. This app also gives professional relocation assistance including options to check out the top U.S. movers by name or state. MyMove will also help you calculate the weight for your items, which is useful when hiring a moving company.

Suddath Moving Guru

Suddath Moving Guru is a free app that is available on Android and iTunes. It also offers some paid features for iTunes users. This app is a moving planner that greets you with a choice of three different types of moving: domestic, international, and government moving. Selecting one of them will help the app customize your needs and your moving experience. For the domestic version of the app, the Moving Guru has a moving checklist, moving tips, and a glossary of terms. The Moving Checklist offers a 10-week planner for your big day. What makes this app so popular is a little-known feature that allows you to send an announcement to members of your phonebook.

With these free moving apps, your move will be as seamless as possible. For more information and moving tips, check out our weekly blog!

Moving Apps with Harborside Village Apartments!

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