Summer Energy Tips for Apartment Living

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During summer, there are many ways to save money on your apartment energy bill!

Summer means swimming in the pool, sipping cool glasses of iced tea, and,

unfortunately, high energy bills for many apartment dwellers. Summer energy

saving can be difficult when the temperature is high and your family is feeling

miserable. Here are some of our best summer energy tips for apartment living.


Your Air Conditioning Unit

When the summer season starts, make sure to test your air conditioning unit to

make sure it is properly working. If you wait until the first warm day of the year and

find nothing but hot air blowing in your face, you might be the last on a long list of

other people waiting for the maintenance technician to show up. Also, avoid turning

off your air conditioning unit completely when you leave the house. Instead, simply

turn up the thermostat whenever you leave the home. While the air conditioning

might be running when you aren’t there to enjoy it, it’s actually more energy

efficient to use it sparingly and maintain the current temperature than to cool down

an extremely warm room.


Keep Cool During the Day

Always shut your blinds and close your curtains during the warmest times of the

day to avoid heating up your apartment with sunlight. Even just implementing this

tip can save you a lot on your energy bills and make a huge difference. Keep your

showers on the cool side as well, if you can tolerate it. Not only do cold showers help

to wake you up in the morning, they also help you to stay cool when your apartment

is on the warm side. Cold showers also don’t draw much warm water from your

water heater, which again helps to shave money off of your energy bill.


Rethink Your Laundry

Just like taking a cold shower can be good for humans, taking a cold bath can be

good for your clothes. Instead of using warm water, use cold water for washing your

summer clothes. Hot water heating accounts for a whopping 90% of the energy

actually used by your washing machine, so sticking to cold water can really lower

your bills.


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