Summer Moving Tips and Tricks

Don't stress about moving, use these tips to help you get organized and stay calm!

Don’t stress about moving, use these tips to help you get organized and stay calm!

With summer upon us, it seems like everyone is trying to get into a new apartment by the autumn months. Parents want their children settled into a new house before school starts and the summer months seem perfect to pack up all of your belongings and move to a new place for a fresh start. After finding a place, what are the next steps to take in the moving process?

Before Moving Day

Before the big day, make sure to arrange for help. There is nothing worse than making a million trips from your old apartment to your new one. Ask friends for help or hire a moving company to make the transition easier. If your friends are helping, don’t be rude, buy them food! Food and drinks are the best way to snag some help. If you are moving a long way from your current place, consider a shipping container service like Pods. If you choose this option, make sure to clear it with the management to ensure it won’t be fined for being on the property for a while. Do not wait until the last minute to pack everything. Start with the things you only use occasionally and work your way up to the everyday items. Pack a weekend bag with items like toiletries, changes of clothes, shoes, light cleaning supplies, and anything else you might want or need during your first few days. This will let you unpack at your leisure and you won’t be in such a rush to find your essentials.

The Day of the Move

To make sure you don’t lose things in the move, put a label on each box or color code with Duct Tape and number them so you know you aren’t missing any. As you bring the boxes in, put them in the room where they belong. If your friends or hire movers are assisting you, put a swatch of tape on the door of each room so they know where to put the boxes. Before moving into the apartment, ask what floor plan you will have and print out a copy to label with each color box. This visual reference could help with the efficiency of the move. The day after moving remember to file with the post office and any government offices so your records stay up to date. Take pictures of the back of electronics so you can easily hook them back up. While you have your camera out, take pictures of your empty apartment. Property damage are the biggest dispute over security deposits so be diligent.

These tips will make your life easier as you start the moving process. Once you are settled into Harborside Village Apartments, you’ll have a lot of time to explore the surrounding areas this summer. Check out this other blog about the fun things to do around town.

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