The Roommate Battles: Dealing With a Bad Roommate

Bad roommate

Having roommate problems? Learn which issues to fight and which to let go in order to have a good experience.

Living with a roommate definitely has its perks. You are able to rent a luxury apartment without having to go broke just paying the rent. But when two different people share a space but aren’t used to each other, it can be hard. They are usually in for quite a few battles before they get used to each other’s quirks. If you are dealing with roommate problems, there is something you can do about it. Let’s take a look at some battles you should fight and maybe some you should let go.

They are Always Late on Rent and Utilities

When it comes to finances, it is always important to speak up. One of the best parts of living with a roommate is sharing expenses, but this financial co-dependence can quickly turn sour when your roommate is always late on rent and other utilities. While it is important to speak up, it is equally important not to boss your roommate around, ignore the problem, or tell your roommate how to budget their expenses. To help resolve the problem, ask your roommate to have things ready before they are due so you can both mail your payments at once. You could also offer to have them mail the payments if that is easier.

They Forget to Turn Off Lights and Appliances

Not only is this an important issue for the amount of money you are spending per month, but it is also important to discuss for safety. But just because you get upset when the lights are left on or when the curling iron is left on doesn’t mean your roommate will care. If you leave the apartment together, make sure you review everything that could be turned off or have a checklist by the front door to ensure everything is safe before leaving.

They Disrespect Your Property

Whether you spilled liquid on the new couch you bought or borrowed a shirt of yours without asking, it is important your roommate respects your boundaries and your property. If you find something disrespected, it is important to bring it up to your roommate in a non-confrontational way so they understand what they did wrong and can either fix it or can understand the boundaries that are set going forward.

What’s Not Worth the Battle?

There are just some things that aren’t worth the battle when it comes to roommates. Things like not cleaning up when it is their turn or not replacing shared toiletries do not have to turn into a big battle. Simply remind your roommate about their responsibility before they go to bed or shoot them a text to pick up toiletries on their way home from work so neither of you is stuck without what you need.

Sometimes in life you have to pick and choose your battles and sometimes going to battle with your roommate is just not worth the tension and bad living environment. Living with a roommate can be a good experience when you are both respectful and follow some roommate etiquette.

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