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Help build your apartment community by being respectful and friendly!

Remember the old days when people were friendly to their neighbors and they were an actual community? Well, maybe those times were just on television shows like “All in the Family” and “The Brady Bunch.” But the people of Harborside Village Apartments want everyone living in our buildings to feel at home and a sense of community. So here are some good tips on how to be a great neighbor!


One of the best ways to get to know your new neighbors is to actually introduce yourself. Whether you say hello in the elevator, stairwell, or knock on their front door, this is an important step to the process. You don’t have to exchange life stories, just a simple introduction with the people you share walls with.


The next part of being a good neighbor is being respectful. Your mom often said “treat others as you would want to be treated.” In other words, be mindful of how you treat others. Before having that loud argument with your significant other at midnight, remember that others are trying to sleep next to your wall. Noise carries through walls and doors to your neighbors next door, so keep the noise level down especially at night. Another tip is to warn your neighbors about noises. If you are throwing a party or game night or even just having friends over, let your neighbors know about the noise level and try to wrap the party up at a semi-decent hour. You could also invite your neighbors to the party. Also keep a look out. If you notice activity around their door, trash in the hallway, or something out of place, do something about it. Tell your neighbor someone was knocking on their door at noon on a Sunday, pick up the trash even if it isn’t yours, and pick up whatever is out of place. It isn’t hard to do once you get in the habit of being respectful.

Be Friendly and Communicate

Talk to your neighbors. Even if it is a simple “hey, how are you?” while getting the mail or passing in the hallway. Let them know if you are going out of town or if something is wrong in the building. Send them a holiday card in the mail or take it over with a small plate of cookies. Just being nice can help build a sense of community in a building. Look out for each other!


This is where it becomes super important. Pets are animals and have minds of their own, but you can help control that mind by getting them trained. Dogs are known for being bad neighbors if they bark. Just as with human noises, dogs are also known to make noises, from scratching on the door to barking. Make sure your dog knows not to bark at every noise. Train your dog to look for something when there is someone at the door instead of barking at the visitor. The worst way to make friends in a community is not picking up after your dog. Clean up his mess so no one steps in it while on the way into work tomorrow.

These are simple tips that could save you from offending your neighbors. Help build a sense of community by being respectful and communicating with those around you.

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