Tips for Building a Community of Neighbors

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Making connections with your neighbors will help you become a part of your apartment community.

When you live in your apartment, your relationship with your neighbors is even more important than it is when you live in a house. The reason is simple: you share walls. Building a great relationship with your neighbors can truly enhance your apartment living experience. When you are part of a community of neighbors, you’ll have people to look out for you and spend time with. Still, jumping into a new friendship with your neighbor can be an intimidating goal to conquer. With a few simple tips, you’ll be gabbing over brunch with your neighbor in no time.

Introduce Yourself

It’s so simple, isn’t it? When a new person moves in next door, the easiest way to get on their good side is to stop by and introduce yourself. All it takes is the world’s shortest walk, and a friendly attitude. A gift can only help your chances of success. Take the few steps from your door to theirs with a bottle of wine or a plate of cookies in hand, and say hey. Your new neighbors will be relieved to see a friendly face, and you’ll become their instant go-to in the complex. If you’re the one moving in, the same rules apply. Knock on the door, or stop them when you pass by just to let them know who you are.

Take Advantage of Common Areas

Your apartment complex is likely equipped with some great amenities like picnic areas, common spaces, swimming pools, and tennis courts. If that’s the case, you’ve got a built in area for meeting new neighbors. Pack up some snacks and drinks to share, and spend some time in these common areas. You’ll surely run into some new friends, and get the chance to learn more about your neighbors.

Host a Party

Friendly neighbors have great social benefits, and you’ll be able to scope out potential new neighborhood friends by hosting an open house cocktail party. Invite some friends who live outside of the community to keep you company, and prop open your door. Let your neighbors know as you pass them in the hall in the days leading up to the event, and be sure to post fliers around your apartment complex.

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