Utilizing a Spare Room in a Luxury Apartment

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If you have a spare room, there are numerous ways to creatively use the space!

You can turn your spare room into a home office.

Most people prefer a little bit of extra space in their luxury apartment. Adding a second bedroom gives you options, but deciding how to use it can be difficult. The possibilities are endless, and while setting up your spare space may not be a priority, once you get around to it, make sure you do it right. You’re paying for the extra room, so be sure to use it wisely and take full advantage of the space you have to spread your creative wings. When your luxury apartment comes equipped with a spare room, turn it into something fun.

Craft Room

Some people think arts and crafts are for kids, but those people clearly haven’t experienced the wonder of making something with your own two hands. Whether you like to restore furniture, you love to create beautiful paintings, or you’re an expert knitter, a craft room is the perfect way to keep your crafts tidy. You’ll have whole space to tailor exactly to your ideal craft space. Decorate it with accessories that inspire you and make it cozy so you’ll want to spend as much time as possible crafting.

Design a Dedicated Work Space

Maybe you work from home every day, or maybe you are writing your own novel. Either way, this type of project is best undertaken in a room dedicated to the purpose. Turn your spare bedroom into a work space that allows you to stay focused and productive even in the comfort of your own home. You’ll accomplish much more, and have the opportunity to purchase a fantastic and useful desk to serve as the centerpiece. It will be even better than heading off to a library or an office because you can organize it to fit your work style, and when you need a snack break, your kitchen is just around the corner, stocked with your favorites.

Guest Room

Another popular choice for a spare bedroom is to use it as a guest room. Create a welcoming space for friends or family, and get the opportunity dress up a whole new room. Instead of looking at a guest room as a waste of space, use it as incentive to lure your far away loved ones to make the trek to your city. You could even offer it up to local buddies and have yourself a good old fashioned sleep over.

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