Stay Cool In Your Apartment This Summer With These Practical Tips

harborside apartments stay coolSummer is approaching, and that means hot temperatures are coming. Running your air conditioner is tempting, but you will increase your electric bill. Utilize these efficient methods to lower your bill and stay cool all summer.

Closing Your Blinds Can Save Energy

According to research, 30 percent of used energy in your apartment goes towards cooling costs. Window treatments or shades can go a long way in keeping your apartment cool. You can also apply window film to block the heat from the sun.

Be Sure To Adjust Your Thermostat

Apartments with air conditioners must balance a comfortable temperature and an energy-efficient air conditioning system. Keep your thermostat set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re not at home. Experts recommend keeping the temperature at 73 degrees when you’re at home.

Remember That Fans Are Cost-Effective

Fans have long been thought of as a backup cooling solution. They’re terrific since they’re versatile. Fans are also portable and less expensive to run than an air conditioner. If you have ceiling fans, ensure they turn counterclockwise for maximum ventilation in your home.

Avoid Appliances Heat Your Apartment 

Using your air fryer, stove, or oven is one of the quickest and easiest ways to heat your apartment. Remember that an oven can achieve temperatures up to 500 degrees on a hot day. To make up for this, you can eat out, barbeque outside, or prepare dishes that do not require a stove.

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