How to Host a Party in a Small Apartment

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Make space in your apartment for great social gatherings!

Hosting a party can cause a lot of overthinking because you don’t always know where to start. You might ask yourself, “What food and drinks should I buy?” “How should I decorate?” “Who should I invite?” and “Do I have enough space for the type of party I want to host?” The “Do I have enough space?” question becomes even more relevant when you live in a small apartment. But fear not! Living in a small apartment doesn’t have to hinder you whatsoever! Here are a few tips on hosting a party in a small apartment.

Strategize the Space in Your Small Apartment

When renting an apartment, whether small or large, you should always consider how to maximize your space. The same concept applies to hosting a party. Think about strategizing every available space by considering how you’ll use your tables, countertops, and floor space. We suggest removing appliances to free up space, and you can get creative by setting up activity stations. For example, you could use your countertop to create a catered food buffet and your coffee table to display card or board games.

Create Conversational Spaces and Save Some Room

You don’t want your guests to feel stuffed inside your small apartment. So, a great solution to freeing up a cramped space is putting your dining room table in storage to make room for dancing. Instead, use ottomans, chairs, loungers, and oversized chairs for conversational spaces.

Make Cooking (Or Not) Less Stressful

Everyone knows that most people come to a party for the food. While food is a party staple, it doesn’t mean that you have to stress over preparing it. We suggest that you don’t do any last-minute cooking, nor should you attempt to cook a YouTube or TikTok recipe you’ve never made before. You could also grab catered food if you don’t feel like cooking. Also, if your party isn’t formal, your guests might be satisfied with only cheeses, breads, olives, and chips.

Decorate Your Small Apartment

A small apartment can be fabulous if you know how to decorate it. We recommend decorating the walls and ceilings to prevent guests from having minimal space to walk around. Fairy lights, streamers, banners, and signs, in particular, can add to a festive atmosphere. Hosting a themed party can make life even easier because you’ll know what decorations to buy. For example, if you threw a Fourth of July party, you’d already know to buy red, white, and blue decorations. Don’t be afraid to add even more razzle dazzle to your party by asking guests to dress up.

Let the Games Begin!

Interactive games are always the best at parties because they pull shyer partygoers out of their shells, offer comedic relief, and don’t have to take up much space. For example, decades ago, people bought Karaoke machines. Now, you can search for any song you want to sing on YouTube. Other fun games might include “Never Have I Ever,” “Truth or Dare,” and more. Also, going the classic route with Uno or a deck of cards never hurts.

Keep it Cool

A small apartment with a lot of guests can get hot quickly. Therefore, keep your apartment nice and cool by having your central air at the right temperature. You can also spread guests out by using your patio or balcony as an entertainment space. Whenever and however you decide to host a party in a small apartment, Apartments of Harborside Village is the perfect waterfront apartment community to host your party. 

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