10 Tools Every Apartment Dweller Should Have

tools every apartment dweller should have

While there are many fixes that your apartment management can take care of, it’s still always useful to have a few essential tools on hand in a pinch.

Whether you are a seasoned apartment dweller looking to brush up on your expertise or a first time apartment dweller trying to determine what you really need to bring, here are 10 of our favorite tools that everyone should have!

Cordless Power Screwdriver

Are you assembling your own furniture? Make the entire process easier with a cordless screwdriver.

Microfiber Cloth

These durable and flexible cloths can clean everything from a television, to your cell phone, to your glasses. They won’t scratch delicate surfaces or damage screens, unlike other cloths.

Adjustable Wrench

These seem like an unnecessary extra until your kitchen faucet breaks and maintenance can’t arrive for another half hour! An adjustable wrench adjusts to match whatever you need to use it on.

Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue guns are a great way to quickly repair items around the house and do some DIY crafting on the side.

Handheld Electrical Bug Zappers

If you have a patio that you love to lounge on in the summer, this helpful tool will stop all of the bugs from focusing on you instead of the flowers you planted.

Claw Grabber

These seem like a strange as seen on TV project, but they are incredibly helpful when it comes to grabbing things high on your shelves or low on the floor, especially if you are feeling too lazy to stretch.

Step Stool

Step stools are incredibly helpful whether you need to change the battery in your smoke detector or reach something on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet.

Laser Level

Laser levels are the best way to ensure that you hang your pictures in a straight line. Mom and Dad will be impressed!


These innovative back scratchers and pressure point releasers can soothe all of your back aches after a long day assembling furniture or cleaning up your apartment.

Solar Power Generator

If you want to go all out, consider getting a solar power generator if it fits in with your lease. These high powered generators don’t use any dangerous gas and are environmentally friendly.

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