3 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Roommate

Roommates take a picture in their new apartment

Remember these steps when searching for your perfect roommate.

The perfect roommate sometimes feels like an impossible dream. Anyone who has ever shared an apartment has an opinion about what makes a good roommate. And, of course, anyone who has had a bad roommate is eager to tell you their horror stories, possibly scaring you off of the idea altogether. However, living with a roommate can be great for people who not only want to save on rent payments but who enjoy being social and sharing their home with somebody else. If you remember that judging roommates is all relative, and if you keep in mind what is most important for you, you can find a great roommate. 

Step 1: Understand What Makes a Great Roommate

It is important to remember what a roommate is. While you are hoping to be friends with your roommate, you aren’t searching for a friend but a roommate. Just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean you would be good roommates for each other. 

Think about compatibility before likability. Are your sleeping schedules similar? Does your potential roommate prefer quiet while you like to play loud music? How often do you think the house should be cleaned? Subjects such as these are important to discuss with a roommate, but not necessarily a friend.

Step 2: Is Having a Roommate Right for You?

Deciding to share your personal space with somebody, especially if they’re a stranger, is a big decision, so you should think it over carefully. Weigh the pros and cons of the situation, and decide if having any roommate is best for you at this moment. Sometimes roommates are the best decision, and sometimes they’re not. 

If you decide to seek a roommate, make sure you are doing so for the right reasons. Just because you’ve had a roommate before, that doesn’t mean you need to have one again. Even if your prior experience was positive, those were different circumstances, and you have to factor in any changes. 

Step 3: Find Your Roommate

Now that you have decided to live with a roommate, and you know what kind of roommate you want, you can start to find that person. If you don’t know anyone you want to live with already, you can find a roommate online. Several roommate-matching websites exist which let you create a profile or ad, search a database, and schedule meet-ups with potential matches. 

Once you have found a couple of candidates, take your time to get to know them. Set up public, safe in-person meetings in which you can ask them any questions you have about what they would be like as a roommate. Don’t rush through questions to be polite, but ask as many as you want to. If an issue is important to you, you should address it before someone moves in. 

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