4 Helpful Apartment Moving Hacks

Check out this helpful hacks you need to know before moving into a new apartment!

Check out this helpful hacks you need to know before moving into a new apartment!

Moving can be a stressful time in your life, so you want to know all the tips and tricks ahead of time to make the process as easy as possible. When moving into a new apartment with a truckload of your belongings, simple hacks can make the biggest difference!

Free Moving Boxes

Before you even start packing, you need boxes or totes to gather all of your items. You may not realize it at first, but purchasing moving boxes can be very expensive! It’s best to find as many boxes as you can for free to save yourself some money, as clothing stores, grocery stores, and even online sites such as Craigslist offer quality boxes for no cost.

Keep Clothes On Hangers

You could simply throw all of your clothes in a tote and wait to organize when you move into your new apartment, but why would you want all that extra work? With a little extra planning, you can save yourself so much time and energy by keeping your clothes on hangers. When you think about it, it’s silly to remove clothes from hangers, fold them in a box, only to put them back on hangers when you arrive at your new place. Make your life easier by cutting out the middle step by using a zip tie to keep the hangers secured together, and covering the clothes in plastic wrap or a garbage bag to keep them clean.

Make Use Of Furniture Storage

If you are moving with any furniture with additional storage, be sure that it doesn’t go to waste! Pack clothes or other items in furniture with drawers to save space- just be careful not to pack too much that it makes the piece too heavy to lift. Also, if your drawers that have handles that stick out, unscrew the hardware and re-screw them on the inside to prevent scratching other items in the moving truck.

Organization Is Key

It can be tempting to throw random items in boxes, but this will only cause more of a headache when it comes time to unpack. Do yourself a favor by packing items by room, and label each room with a color. This can be done with simple stickers by marking the kitchen boxes with red stickers and the bedroom with blue stickers. Not only does this help you stay organized when unpacking, but you’ll also know exactly where each box should go when unloading the truck.

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