4 Tips For Eliminating Pollen From Your Apartment

Check out these tips for eliminating pollen from your apartment.

Check out these tips for eliminating pollen from your apartment.

With spring comes beautiful weather, but it also brings seasonal allergies. Whether you’re inside or outside, pollens and allergens can cause headaches, runny noses, and itchy, watery eyes. Your apartment should be your safe space, and the last thing you want is to have pollen fill your home! Continue reading for four tips on how to eliminate pollen from your apartment.

Change Clothes

The clothes you wear can have all types of allergens on them, especially if you were outside for a long time. To avoid spreading pollen on your couch, bed, and other areas of your apartment, change into a different pair of “indoor clothes” as soon as you get home. Be sure to put the worn clothes in a laundry bin, and wash them within a few days.

Wash Your Hair

If you shower in the mornings, consider making a switch for the spring season to avoid bringing allergens into your home. Just like your clothing, your hair can hold allergens if you were outside, and pollen can be transmitted from your hair to your pillow at night. You don’t want to breathe in allergens as you sleep, so try to wash your hair at night more often, and wash your pillowcase regularly.

Groom Pets

Your pet’s habits will play a significant role in the amount of pollen in your apartment. If you have a dog and take him/her outside multiple times a day, they are very likely to bring in pollen that is attached to their fur. Be sure to groom them regularly in an area close to your front door, then vacuum up anything that falls on your floor. If you have a cat, keep him or her inside as much as possible to avoid tracking allergens into your home.

Deep Clean

A clean apartment is a healthy apartment! If you suffer from allergies, it’s important to clean your apartment often to get rid of all the dust and pollen that builds up over time. It’s also crucial to keep cockroaches out, as their droppings are one of the most dominant allergens found in the home. Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean, fix water leaks, and seal up any cracks and holes to keep insects away.

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