Top Questions That Renters Ask (And Answers!)

Check out the answers to the top questions that renters ask.

Check out the answers to the top questions that renters ask.

Moving into your first apartment is a big step, and you probably have a lot of questions! Every renter will have questions throughout their rental journey. Continue reading for a few of the top three questions that renters ask and the answers.

What Do I Bring For An Apartment Tour?

Touring apartments is a vital part of the apartment search process, as it’s critical to see the building in person before signing a lease. Pictures don’t show everything, and you want to have a good feel for the unit, and take a good look at the appliances, flooring, water pressure, and more. It’s always smart to check out a few apartments if possible, as it can’t hurt to have a few options, especially if one apartment is taken before you can apply. When preparing for a tour, be sure to bring everything you usually have in your wallet- your ID being the most important. You can also bring a list of particular questions that you have about the unit, so you don’t forget- such as questions about laundry, trash, the square footage, neighbors, etc. You never know if you will love an apartment at first sight, so also bring a form of payment if you would like to fill out an application.

What Does It Mean To Break The Lease?

You may have heard of the term “breaking the lease” and think that it means you can move out anytime you like, but this is not true. A lease is a binding agreement, so be sure to read it over carefully and decide if a year-long lease will work for you. Breaking the lease often comes with consequences, usually in the form of paying for a few months’ rent in order to legally break the lease.

What Kind Of Pets Can I Have In My Apartment?

Every apartment will have different rules about pets, so be sure to ask this question very early on! Some units allow all animals, some allow cats and no dogs, and some will only allow dogs that are under a certain weight. It completely depends on the management of the apartment community, so be sure to have all of the information about pet restrictions before signing a lease. If you have a different type of pet, such as a guinea pig or turtle, it’s best to ask the landlord or property manager about the specific policy on your animal. You should expect to pay some sort of pet-fee or deposit to keep your pet in your unit.

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