4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Apartment

brighten up your apartment

Adding color and bright accessories to your space will really brighten up your apartment.

It can be easy to think your new apartment is light and bright before you move in. But how light it is going to feel when you move in a ton of furniture, curtains, and when winter sets in? Well, you are in luck. With some new, inexpensive furnishings, your new apartment will feel light and airy. So let’s check out your new shopping list.


Adding some reflective surfaces are a favorite way of brightening up an otherwise dark and plain space. Purchasing a mirror for the wall will not only give you a chance to check your hair in the morning, it will also give you some extra light from the lamps you already have.


Adding a houseplant to your apartment will also help make the space feel more natural in color and texture. But if you are worried about the lack of light or high-maintenance plants, don’t worry. There are many different plants out there that only need minimal light and need to be watered sparingly. There are also special tools to keep you from killing your houseplants including space-age water retaining soil and water reservoirs to keep these beauties alive.


While painting may not be allowed in every apartment, it can work wonders in a darker apartment. When painting your new apartment, pick a color that will brighten up your space and make it feel homier. Choose something that goes with your personality like a mellow blue, cheerful yellow, or passionate purple. Just be sure to ask your landlord if this is acceptable before you pick up your paint cans and rollers.

Bright Accessories

Dark accessories tend to make the room feel darker than it really is, so why not change them up? Choose brightly colored throws, pillows, and rugs to make the room feel brighter. Add seasonal colors for accent pieces but keep them bright and light. While black may have seemed like a good color choice for your sofa and loveseat, it may make your apartment feel dark and cave-like. Instead of getting new furniture, try some colorful slipcovers.

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