What to Furnishings to Buy New and Used


Should you buy your furnishings from the thrift shop or new?

When moving into your first apartment, it can be exhilarating but also expensive. This new change means you will have to buy a lot of furnishings for your home. While you may own a lot of these things already, you may need to buy some furnishings for your new home. But before buying all of these things new, why not head to your local yard sale or thrift store to see what kind of furnishings you can find? Let’s take a look at what furnishings you should buy new or used.

Buy Used

One of the best things to search for in a thrift store is furniture. While some of the furniture you find at thrift shops and garage sales could be well loved, other pieces you could find are in surprisingly good condition. Even pieces with some wear and tear may be usable with some new paint, seat covers, or new upholstery. Another item you should consider buying used is tools. Tools like hammers and drills are a necessity when living on your own. You can’t hang your favorite painting without the proper hardware. For that reason, you will need some good tools. But they don’t have to cost of fortune, head to a thrift store or a garage sale for the best ones. Small appliances are a must when moving out on your own, but who has $400 to spend on a microwave? Head to your local thrift ship for some inexpensive appliances that work great.

Buy New

One of the most important pieces of furnishings you should buy new is a bed. You should spring for a new mattress instead of one for your thrift store. Mattresses tend to sag and develop craters after years for use. If the previous owners didn’t rotate their mattress, you could end up in a hole. Thrift store mattresses could also have bed bugs. Just don’t take the chance, buy new! Cookware is definitely something you should buy new as well. Cookware is used frequently and can suffer from a lot of wear and tear. Nonstick cookware can have scratches and bacteria can fester on cutting boards and spatulas. Invest in some new cookware to save yourself from these headaches.

There are some things you should invest in new while others you can get away with buying at the thrift shop. For more information on furnishing your apartments, check back for our weekly blogs!

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