When an Apartment Just Doesn’t Feel Like Home

When an Apartment Just Doesn’t Feel Like Home

Before venturing out to find a new apartment, check out some things you can do to make your apartment feel like home.

Whether you are struggling to fully settle into your first apartment away from home or trying to get your living room set up so that it feels like it’s yours, it can be difficult to troubleshoot why exactly your apartment doesn’t feel quite right. Here are some tips to help make your apartment feel more like home.

Try Taking Something Away

Coco Chanel was famous for saying that before you leave the house for the day, you should always take one accessory or piece of your outfit off. The same idea can be applied to interior design! Try removing a big aspect of the room to see if you like it more (or less) afterwards. Take down your curtains, remove the ottoman, or roll up the area rug. Take a fresh look. Undoubtedly, the room will initially look a little strange and empty, but try the “edited” version of the room for at least 24 hours before making a final decision. By removing something from your apartment’s room, you might find it feels more like home.

Focus on What You Do Love

When a room isn’t feeling like home, focus on whatever part of the room you do like. Is there a corner or wall in particular that you find yourself gravitating towards or enjoying more than the rest of your apartment? Why do you think that that specific area of your home is working so well? What do you really like about that area? Once you figure out what makes that area tick, apply the same interior design principles to the rest of your apartment to make it feel more like home.

Look at a Photograph

Spend a few minutes taking pictures of the room in your apartment that needs to feel more like home. Now, leave your apartment completely and go to another place—the coffee shop, the bar for happy hour, or the park up the road. Look at the pictures again, paying attention to what you see. By looking at the photos as individual snapshots and not seeing the context of the whole room, you can troubleshoot what areas don’t quite look right and what can be improved.

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