Apartment Living with a Dog: Tips

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How can you live happily in an apartment with a dog? See here.

Living in an apartment can be a wonderful experience whether you are living alone or with company. However, people are sociable beings, and having at least one companion can make a huge difference. Of course, that companion doesn’t have to be a human being. It could also be a dog! If you are living in an apartment, this matter could become a little more complex. Here are several tips for apartment living with a dog.

Training Is Key

When living in close quarters with other neighbors, it is all the more important for everyone to behave well to promote a happy coexistence, even if you live in a spacious apartment with Harborside Village Apartments. Training your pet to behave and socialize well is of utmost importance. If you are boss and help your pet follow the rules, you will do well.

Provide Mental Stimulation

Giving a dog a happy life involves much more than training. Your dog wants to live a full and happy life, and that involves having something to do when it is in the apartment. Aside from looking forward to meal time and treats, it can also look forward to puzzle games, chew toys, and other clever dog toys.

Spend Time with Your Pet

If you cannot have more than one pet in your apartment, it can become lonely for your dog at times. Make sure to spend plenty of quality time with your pet and let it spend time with you, provided that it does not distract you from important tasks. The activity could be playing a game or watching a movie.

Potty Train It Early

One of the last things you want to happen is for your dog to have an accident in the apartment. While you can use pee pads early on, you will want to train your pet to do its business outdoors as soon as possible.

Provide Physical Exercise

Don’t forget about your dog’s physical exercise needs! While playing games in your apartment can give it some exercise, you also want to take it for a walk at least once a day. Taking it to a dog park can also help expend some of its energy and let it socialize.

Maintain a Schedule

Like people, pets thrive on having a routine. It does not have to be strict, but having a schedule helps your pet stay happy and healthy.

Choose a Breed That Fits

Unfortunately, some breeds are better suited to apartment life than others due to how vocal and energetic some breeds are. Do your due diligence to find a breed that works for you!

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