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Good apartment living habits help neighbors!

If you are new to apartment life, you might notice that you are in rather close quarters with your neighbors above, below, or around you. While you can live a perfectly private life in an apartment, the proximity means you will need to mind others’ space and needs more than ever. Do you want to learn how to be a good apartment neighbor? Check out these tips!

Keep the Noise to a Minimum

Noise is one of the biggest issues in apartment living. Even if the walls and floors are soundproofed, some noise is to be expected. You can keep the noise level down without compromising your life by using rugs and other decor to absorb sound. You can also turn on the captions when you watch TV to keep the volume down without missing a word.

Respect Quiet Hours

Respect the quiet hours. Your apartment building might have set quiet hours and it might not. Whether it does or not, it’s best to do your noisest housework during the day and not in the middle of the night

Keep It Clean

Keep the community clean. Keeping your own apartment clean will help keep the neighboring apartments free from strange odors and other health issues. Do your part to keep communal areas clean and free of litter.

Follow the Rules

Does your apartment building have community rules? Respecting them will go a long way in helping you be a good apartment neighbor. The rules are there for a reason!

Communicate Well

You might have heard stories of apartment neighbors leaving each other notes about problems. If you have a problem with a neighbor, such as constant noise or parking in your spot, it’s best to address it with a level head, respect, and courtesy. A direct and respectful approach will help keep you on good terms with your neighbor rather than land you on the bad side.

Be Cordial, Helpful, and Respectful

A friendly, respectful, and helpful attitude toward others will help you make friends or at least make your apartment community a better, happier place. It all comes down to treating your neighbors how you want to be treated.

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