Best Pets for Apartment Living

Pets for your apartment

Pets are great but are they right for your apartment? Let’s take a look at some of the best pets for your apartment.

Let’s face it, everyone loves animals. They are adorable, often fluffy, and depend on you for their every need. But when you go from living with your parents and their big dogs to a smaller apartment, giving up that companionship can be hard. Well, don’t worry; there are plenty of animals for you to own in your very own apartment. Let’s take a look at some of the best pets for apartment living.

Cats Rule

There is no doubt about it, cats are adorable. When it comes to pets, these little balls of fluff have taken over the internet as well as the United States with more than 85 million cats alone. Many apartment dwells love their easy maintenance. Cats do not need to be walked, they groom themselves, and sleep an average of 15 hours per day. They are unique creatures that tend to take up more room than seems possible but they are just right for your apartment.

Dog Size Matters

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a dog. Many breeds are perfectly happy in an apartment. Small breeds like pugs, Shih Tzu, terriers of all kinds, and Chihuahuas are all content in small spaces. Before visiting your local shelter, check with your landlord or building manager to make sure there aren’t any breed restrictions or weight limits for your dog. Dogs do require more attention than other pets so make sure your dog has some space to roam like a patio, courtyard, or park near your apartment.


Reptiles are extremely docile but are not for everyone. There are pretty much two categories of reptiles: snakes and everything else. Snakes are extremely docile but do need to be fed either frozen or live food. They do have long lifespans and can be handled or left alone for long periods of time. In the “everything else” category, we have lizards, turtles, and tortoises. These pets do require some space and can be small, quiet, and social animals for your household.


Fish can actually help your household reduce stress, high blood pressure, and even hyperactivity in children. Their movement is soothing and it is nice to just observe them. While fish may not be high maintenance, their aquariums do require things like a filter, heater, and other necessities to keep clean.

Rats, Guinea Pigs, and Other Fancy Rodents

From rats to hamsters, these rodents make excellent pets. Their enclosures are small enough to suit apartment living while being fun to observe. Like dogs, rats are intelligent and can be taught tricks with a food incentive. Most rodents like to be handled and enjoy being cuddled.

“Pocket Pets”

Pocket pets are a name given to animals that can be held in your hands like sugar gliders and pygmy hedgehogs. These animals are small and mostly nocturnal but bond well with their humans if they are bought young. Sugar gliders are best in same-sex pairs and love cages with hanging pouches. Pygmy hedgehogs are illegal in many states including Maine, Georgia, and Pennsylvania so checks your local laws before purchasing one.

These pets will make your life in an apartment much richer and pull of friendly pets and love. And why doesn’t love animal kisses?

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