Blending Your Apartment Style With Your Significant Other Or Roommate

Living with someone can be challenging at times, but it’s important to make compromises!

Living with someone can be challenging at times, but it’s important to make compromises!

Many people decide to live with someone in their first apartment, whether it’s their best friend or their partner. This is a great first step to apartment living, but sharing a space with someone isn’t always easy. Each person has their own sense of style, and it can be difficult to know how to decorate your apartment to fit you and your roommate’s style to look like one cohesive home. Here are some tips on how to blend your styles to create the best looking apartment!

Discuss Before Moving In

Although you may be moving in with your significant other or best friend, you should still discuss personal styles and how they envision decorating the apartment. One person may have the intention of a clean and minimalist aesthetic, while the other wants to decorate with a lot of items and pops of color. The key is to work out a compromise that fits both of your styles by incorporating pieces you both agree on and fit the overall style of the apartment.

Get Rid Of Some Items

When moving in with someone, you’ll have to make sacrifices. You’re now sharing a space that everyone in the apartment should love and feel comfortable in, which means you’ll likely have to get rid of some old items. Go through with your roommate and check off a list of what each of you already owns- a couch, coffee table, appliances, desk, etc., and decide together which item will work best in the apartment. If you each dislike the other’s furniture and aren’t comfortable bringing it into the apartment, you may have to get a new item all together that fits both styles. Once again, the key is to compromise and work together to create your new home.

Your Own Space

While the apartment will have many shared spaces, it’s important that each person has their own space just for them! If you live with a friend, your space will likely be your bedroom. However, if you live with a significant other and share a bedroom, you’ll each have to decide what area you want to claim as your own. Whether you have a spare room for an office or have a desk area that is just for you, it’s important to be able to decorate your space exactly how you’d like.

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