How-To: Create your Apartment Office

apartment-office-howtoWhen you land a job that you can do from home, there’s no reason to be anything less than ecstatic. Your commute is short. Really short. You don’t have to dress in stifling fancy pants, and snacks are just an arm’s length away. The only problem is that your couch is so inviting and your TV is so close. In order to stay on track, you need a designated workspace. With a few simple tips you can create the perfect apartment office that will help you stay productive.

Choose your surface

The ideal work surface is a desk or table that you use specifically for work. Obviously this is not possible for everyone. A designated work surface will ensure that you stay organized, and make it feel separate from your living space.

Choose your space

Whether you’re using a table or a desk, you should make sure you put it in a space that is conducive to work. If you live in a noisy part of town, choose a quieter part of your home. Try and find an area with good natural lighting. This will make your workspace a little bit more inviting and give your eyes a nice break from the screens. Additionally, make sure that the space you choose has the right amount of access to outlets so you can keep your computer fully charged.

Choose your chair

Your average dining chair or couch won’t do when you’re trying to be productive. Both can be absolutely detrimental to your back. If you’re going to make any office investment, the chair is the place to spend. Without proper lumbar support your poor back will suffer. Instead of spending your days off taking walks and exploring, you’ll be hobbling around.

Choose your storage

When you live in an apartment, you have to get creative with storage space. Your work probably requires plenty of supplies and it can be hard to function in a cluttered workspace. Instead of building storage horizontally, build vertically. Put shelves above your desk to house your work materials.


You will be spending a major chunk of most of your days in your apartment workspace. That time will be much more enjoyable if you add a bit of color and pizzazz. Choose some simple art that will be motivating and bright, but not distracting. Plants are another great way to breathe a little bit of life into your workspace. Add the personal touches that make it a nice space to spend productive time.

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