Relieve Stress by Creating Personal Space in a Shared Apartment

create personal space

You can create personal space in a shared apartment by creating your own cozy reading nook.

Whether you live with roommates or family members, sharing an apartment can be a fun but sometimes stressful experience. Most of this stress comes from the difficulty in creating boundaries between personal and shared spaces. You may sometimes feel as if you have no corner of the apartment to call your own! However, by communicating with your roommates or family and using the following techniques, you can carve out personal space and create a stress-free oasis. 

Divide the Room

There are many ways to divide rooms without requiring construction. Curtains, screens, and bookshelves can all provide personal space without taking up much space of their own. Tall plants and standing mirrors also create the illusion of divided space. Room dividers don’t need to be solid, but it can help to have some kind of separation between your personal space and the rest of the apartment. 

Cozy Up Your Bed

Regardless of how many roommates or square footage you have, your most personal space is always your bed. Even if you share a bedroom or lack a room divider, your mattress is all yours. You can invest in nice sheets and duvet covers, fill your bedside table with your favorite things and personal mementos. Turn your bed into a comforting personal space to rejuvenate you at the end of the day. 

Swap Out a Couch for Chairs

Individual chairs, rather than couches, can create more personal space in your shared apartment living room. This small separation between folks in the living room can make a difference, especially if you get to claim “your chair.”

Create a Reading Nook

Regardless of the size of your apartment, there is a chance that you can make space in an empty corner or alcove. If it’s alright with your roommates, you can place a chair there and use that nook for reading and relaxing. Even if you don’t read that much, you can use the space to listen to music, do crossword puzzles, or just take a midday nap. 

Enjoy the Shared Space

Ultimately, by sharing a lease, you can afford to live in a larger apartment than you could if you were alone. When you feel crowded by your roommates, or frustrated with sharing an apartment, remember this and remember the positives of sharing your living space. If you live with family, remember that you love them and that you are fortunate to have family close by.

It may seem difficult sometimes, but by taking steps to create your personal space, you can decrease the stress of living with others. 

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