5 Apartment Design Features That Make a Huge Impact

five apartment design features

Wall art is one of five apartment design features that can make a huge impact.

When you move into a new apartment, finding the right design that makes your space feel like home and like a reflection of your personality can take some time. Decorating an entire apartment can be overwhelming because of the large area you can use to express yourself. If you find it challenging to narrow down your design choices, there are several apartment design features that, when chosen carefully, can create a huge impact. By focusing on these areas, you can create an apartment that is stylish, eye-catching, and that feels reflective of your personal taste. 

Light Fixtures

If you can remove existing light fixtures and replace them with one of your own, you can create a dramatic difference in your apartment’s style. You can find light fixtures, both large and small, for any budget and any style. If you remove existing fixtures, be sure to save them so you can reinstall them before leaving. 

Area Rugs

Area rugs can make a huge impact not just on hardwood floors, but on carpeting as well! An area rug can be a crucial apartment design feature, especially if you are not permitted to paint your walls. It can provide a pop of color and exciting patterns. A rug can also help define an area. In a studio apartment, especially, rugs can separate your bedroom from your office and your kitchen. Finally, area rugs help increase the warmth and comfort of your apartment in colder months. 

Plants and Flowers 

Apartment design features can also include plant life. Plants and flowers can not only add color and dimension to a room but can literally breathe life into a space! If you are worried about keeping your plants alive, consult with your local nursery or greenhouse as to which plants are best for your space and lifestyle. 

Wall Art 

If you cannot paint your apartment walls, you can add color and design through wall art. These apartment design features can cover large or small spaces and add instant personality to your apartment. You can go big and bold, small and delicate, or hang a colorful and textured wall tapestry. The options are endless! 

Vintage Accessories

Often when furnishing a new space, we are tempted to buy new things. Shopping your local thrift or antique shops can be an excellent way to find unique pieces that provide much more personality than a brand-new item. You may even be able to save some money! 

By focusing on these five apartment design features, you can quickly create a colorful and fresh apartment design that feels like it reflects your individual style. 

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