3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Rental Feel More Like Home

Learn about three ways to make your apartment rental feel more like home.

Learn about three ways to make your apartment rental feel more like home.

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or you’ve rented many other places before, moving into a new place is an exciting time. However, it can take some time to feel like your rental is your new home, especially if you can’t decorate the way you’d like to. Continue reading for three easy ways to make your apartment rental feel more like home!

Remove Items That Aren’t Yours

Sometimes, property managers or former tenants will leave behind items that they believe will be useful to you. While you may like to keep a few handy items such as blinds and temporary shelves, having multiple items that aren’t yours can make it feel like you are living in someone else’s place. Get permission from your landlord to remove anything left behind, then replace the small details with things that you’ve picked out instead! The minor change can make a big difference in feeling like you’ve designed your home with your own belongings.

Change The Layout

If you’ve seen photos of your apartment when the previous renter lived there, it can be tempting to copy their layout and place your furniture in the same setup. While there may be obvious places for your bed, couch, and TV, don’t be afraid to try out a new layout! Your apartment should fit your lifestyle, so don’t feel as though you must copy the previous tenant or model unit. Creating your own layout is a great way to not only utilize the space to meet your needs, but it also helps to put your own stamp on the rental!

Personal Belongings From Home

If you’re renting a furnished apartment, it can feel like you’re living in someone else’s place. Adding a few pieces from home can really help to make a space more personal and help you feel more connected to the rental. Ask your parents or other family members for furniture and decor that they are willing to give you- there’s a good chance they have items in the house that they want to get rid of!

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