4 Essential Appliances That Every Apartment Renter Needs

Learn about four essential appliances that every apartment renter needs.

Learn about four essential appliances that every apartment renter needs.

Living in an apartment can be the perfect thing for many people, but it is no secret that there are some hard things about it, especially when it comes to space and storage. Most apartments tend to come up a little short on both, which can be an issue if you love gadgets and appliances. For many apartments, the complex’s shared areas can help with some of these. For instance, you don’t need a home gym when your apartment complex has a fitness center. There are some home appliances that ever apartment renter should have because they have such great benefits, however. Read on for the four most important appliances every renter needs. 

White Noise System

Sleep is one of the most important things you’re going to be doing in your apartment, and in order to get the most of the time you spend doing it, you may need to drown out those neighbors. That’s where the white noise machine comes in. It will help drown out the sounds that keep you from resting peacefully.

Air Purifier

Indoor air pollution is a real thing, and if you have allergies or asthma, you know that it can quickly affect your well being and life. An air purifier allows you to clean the air within your apartment so that you can breath easier (literally) knowing that contaminants and pollutants have been removed. Air purifiers are even being shown to improve cardiovascular health in studies, and if nothing else, they will help remove those old cooking smells before your guests arrive. 


Instapot is the brand name of an all-in-one pressure cooker that has swept the nation in popularity in the past few years. While they’re trendy, they are also highly useful, especially in a small apartment. They allow you to cook meals relatively quickly, without turning on big appliances, like your oven. This can help you save money on utility costs since you’re using the stove less and you’re not having to cool an apartment that is heating up from the stove and oven being on. 

Countertop Water Filter

Most apartment dwellers live in cities, and many choose not to drink plain tap water for various reasons. The alternatives are to buy bottled water or to have a filter system for the tap water. Usually, this is in the form of a filtered pitcher, like a Brita, but those can get time-consuming to fill, and they take up room in your fridge or on your counter. A filtrations system, on the other hand, doesn’t take up a lot of room and it is always working and ready with filtered water. 

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