Tips for Increasing Your Apartment’s Storage Space

Cube shelves filled with different colored notebooks.

Cube storage is a creative way to add more space to your apartment.

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, it may be rather small. A small apartment is suitable for feeling cozy and at home, but unfortunately, it often means that there is little storage space available even for everyday items like shoes or kitchen appliances. However, there are strategies and creative tricks you can use to find new ways to store items in your apartment. 

Utilize Bed Space

If you have a bed frame that allows for space underneath the bed, you have some storage space. You can use baskets, boxes, and small totes to store items you don’t need everyday access to. This way, you don’t need to have your apartment cluttered with things you hardly use. 

Use Ledges

Windows, especially in bedrooms or bathrooms, often have ledges on which you can set several small items. In your bathroom, you could use a window ledge to store shower supplies. You can also store shower and bath supplies on a shower caddy hanging from the showerhead. 

Consider Jars

Empty jars of various styles are a great, and often stylish, way to add storage spaces to your apartment, especially in your kitchen. You can store extra utensils in jars, dry cooking ingredients, or pet treats. 

Incorporate Cube Storage

Cube storage consists of furniture that contains several cubbies that you can fill with items you wish to store. You can fill some cubbies with baskets or boxes to decrease the appearance of clutter. Cube storage is especially handy because most of the cube furniture doubles as tables, or desks, or bed stands, so you have a surface on top of the cubes on which to store items as well (or not!). 

Use All of Your Closet Space

A lot of closets only consist of a single rod on which you can hang your clothes. However, there are a few ways you can creatively add to your closet and create more storage opportunities. For instance, you can buy a shoe caddy that hangs from the closet rod. The caddy allows you to store your shoes in a way that opens up floor space. You can add a small side table with cube storage, or a small dresser with drawers in which you can store folded clothing items. 

Think Outside the Box

Often, when you’re looking for storage space opportunities in your apartment, you have to create it out of thin air. If you have a lot of purses or need more towel space in the bathroom, you can buy hooks to place over the top of the door which can hold several items.

If you have a cluttered kitchen counter, you can buy a decorative bowl and use that as a place to drop your keys or change. The best way to find new storage opportunities in your apartment is to think creatively.

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