How to Solve Apartment Storage Dilemmas

solving apartment storage dilemmas

Discover a few creative ways to solve apartment storage dilemmas.

Apartments can be excellent for creating cozy spaces for individuals or small families. However, the smaller size of some apartments can sometimes mean that you don’t have much storage space for your extra items. This is especially true if you share your apartment with a roommate, who has their own belongings they need to store. Trying to find space to store things like off-season clothing, linens, shoes, bikes, and decorations can become quite tricky. However, there are a few ways you can get creative and solve these apartment storage dilemmas. 

Storing Off-Season Clothing

In Maryland, our seasons run the gamut from wintry and cold to sweltering and hot. This means that during the summer you have bulky winter sweaters, coats, and boots that you aren’t using. You don’t want to be walking over these every day, so where can you store them?

If you have space underneath your bed, you can store them in plastic bins underneath the bed. If elevating your bed isn’t an option, you can maximize your closet space with cascading hangers. 

Extra Linens

Keeping extra pillows, comforters, and bedsheets in your apartment is useful when you have guests over, but can create apartment storage dilemmas. You can store these bulky items by using vacuum storage bags that shrink when the air is removed from them. This makes it much easier to store your large linens underneath your bed or on closet shelves. 

A Large Shoe Collection 

A growing shoe collection can take quite a toll on storage space. To avoid having to get rid of shoes, or have them take over your apartment space, you can try using over-the-door or closet shoe organizers. These organizers can carry a dozen pairs of shoes or more, as well as scarves, hats, or belts. This apartment storage solution can help keep your shoes in one place and out of the reach of children or pets. 


Bikes can be an excellent tool for exercise and transportation but difficult to store when you do not have a deck, garage, or basement. These apartment storage dilemmas can be solved by installing a sturdy hook on the wall to hang your bike by the front tire. Alternatively, you could use two wooden dowels on your wall to hang your bike horizontally, like a piece of art. 

Storing Extra Decorations

You may have a collection of things you feel you just can’t get rid of. Whether this includes old photo albums, holiday decorations, or craft supplies, these things can pile up and create apartment storage dilemmas. To solve this problem, you can incorporate shelving and storage above and behind your hung clothing in closets. If these places aren’t too convenient to reach, that is alright, as you will only occasionally access these items.

By incorporating creative storage strategies into your apartment, you can make room for your belongings without feeling crowded.

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