How to Decorate Your Apartment Balcony for the Holidays

decorate your apartment balcony with trees, ribbons and lights
You can decorate your apartment balcony this season with trees, bows, lights, and ornaments.

As soon as Thanksgiving ends, decorating enthusiasts all over gather their lights and wreaths and get to decorating their front lawn with decorations galore. But what about those who don’t have a front yard to cover in seasonal cheer? Well, most likely, you have some outdoor area that you can decorate, and no matter how small it is, you can still make it look incredibly festive. Here at the Apartments of Harborside Village, we encourage our residents to have fun with their decorations, and we are offering prizes to the best balcony and door decorations by December 20th! If you need decor inspiration, read below to gather some ideas for decorating your apartment balcony for the holiday season.

First, Survey Your Balcony Space

Before you begin any decorating, determine how much space you have. How much wall space? What is the height and width of your balcony railing? Additionally, be sure to check to see if you have any electrical outlets on the balcony. 

Decorate Your Apartment Balcony with Lights

White or multi-colored string lights are a must for any festive outdoor displays, but you may want to consider different, smaller lights for your balcony. Wide-angle conical lights, for example, offer a visual punch in a small package. Depending on what you are hanging and on which surface, there are multiple clips available to help hold up your lights. Once you know what lights you have, research the best tool to use to hang them. 

Hang Lots of Wreaths

Decorate your apartment balcony with wreaths, and you will instantly have an eye-catching and festive display of yuletide spirit. Wreaths, or a series of wreaths, are excellent for hanging on the balcony railing. You could also choose a garland or velvety red bows to wrap around the railing. 

You Can Never Have Enough Trees

You may already have your Christmas tree inside your apartment, but you can decorate your apartment balcony with one as well! For outdoor use, using an artificial tree is best, and of course, you want to measure the space you have before selecting your tree. Once you have your tree, decorate it with lights or fantastic ornaments. 

Think Creatively

To take advantage of your small space, you may have to get creative. Consider specialty decorations like animated snowfall tubes and icicle lights, a garland framing the doorway, or hanging patio string lights. If you have children, you can spend time with them creating paper snowflakes and then hang them from the balcony railing or place them on your door. Some people also wrap the outside of their door in wrapping paper, with bows too! The sky is the limit when you decorate your apartment with creativity and enthusiasm.

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