10 Ways to Unwind and Relax in Your Apartment

Read a book to relax in your apartment
Reading a good book is an effective way to relax in your apartment.

The last month of the year can be busy, hectic, and demanding, even when it is also fun, festive, and full of love. Sometimes the demands of parties, gifts, shopping, and year-end responsibilities can catch up to us and make life a little too stressful. When that happens, it’s essential to take some time for yourself to unwind. Your apartment is your home and should be a calming refuge from external stressors. If you are having trouble knowing how to relax in your apartment and let your worries drift away, follow these ten tips for relaxation and calm. 

Turn Off Technology to Relax in Your Apartment

Sometimes we need to force ourselves to take a vacation from texting, social media, and emails by turning off devices and getting them out of sight. Choosing a small window of time in which you can step away from screens will help you feel calmer and rejuvenated. 

Read a Good Book

If you’re like most people, you have a growing pile of “to read” books in your house. Help yourself relax in your apartment by finally grabbing one of those books and curling up for an immersive read. 

Cook Your Favorite Meal

Whip up some comfort food and enjoy it alone or with some friends for a casual dinner party. 

Write a Letter

Select a few friends or family you would like to reach out to and take the time to write them a letter or note. They will be surprised and appreciative of such a homemade, personal message, and focusing on your message for this person helps you relax and forget your stresses. 

Solve a Puzzle

Try solving a crossword or a serene jigsaw puzzle. Focusing on solving puzzles and problems will help get your mind off of any “real world” worries for awhile. 

Try Knitting or Crocheting

A popular activity that helps you relax in your apartment is to knit or crochet. The methodical weaving required for these activities is very calming. Plus, you may get new clothing or decorative items out of it!

Listen to Relaxing Music

You can bend the “no technology” rule to play online relaxation playlists. Alternatively, you could take the time to make a playlist of music that calms and rejuvenates you. 

Enjoy a Bubble Bath

Indulge your body with a soothing bubble bath soak. You can even play your relaxation playlist while soaking, or (carefully!) read your books while in the tub. 

Take a Nap

Sometimes taking a midday catnap can refresh and relax you. If you are feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, rest comfortably and allow yourself a break. 

Sip Your Favorite Beverage

Whether a glass of wine, a mug of herbal tea, or ice water with lemon, sit back and enjoy your favorite drink while doing nothing else. Don’t make yourself rush or multi-task; just relax and enjoy one of your favorite things. 

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