How to Give Your Apartment a Quick Clean for Guests

give your apartment a quick clean by washing your dishes
You can give your apartment a quick clean by gathering dirty dishes and washing the largest items first

Sometimes, especially during the busy and social holiday season, friends and family members can make impromptu visits to your apartment. However, if you’re busy and don’t have time to prepare for their visit, you don’t need to stress about your apartment looking like a wreck. There are a few easy techniques you can apply to have your apartment looking guest-ready and inviting in no time. Read on for these tips for giving your apartment a quick clean, and then get to work! 

Focus on the Rooms You Will Use

You don’t have time to clean your entire apartment, so focus on the areas your guests will visit. Give the bathroom, kitchen, and living room of your apartment a quick clean before you move onto any other room.

Pick Up Dirty Clothes and Dishes 

Walk through the essential rooms and pick up any dirty clothes or towels you see and toss them into your hamper. You don’t need to wash them, but you should get them off of the ground. Additionally, pick up any dirty dishes or cups and place them in your sink.

Quickly Clean the Bathroom Basics

Give the toilet, sink, and bathroom mirror a quick clean. These areas will most likely be seen and used by your guests, so they must be clean. You can close your shower curtain to hide any mess there, as it would take too long to clean the shower or bath. 

Give Your Apartment Surfaces a Quick Clean

On countertops and side tables, put away anything you can and stack magazines or books into neat piles. Quickly dust your counters, or wipe up any apparent stains or spills you spot.

Make Your Bed

A quick way to give your apartment a quick clean is to make your bed! This easy step is a quick way to make your apartment and bedroom look more put-together than it may be.

Take Out the Trash

Check all trash cans in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and remember to replace the bags with fresh ones when you’re done. 

Do the Dishes

Now you have some time to wash your dirty dishes. If you have a dishwasher, throw everything into it. If you do not, clean the biggest pieces first until you fill up your drying rack. 

Take Care of Pet Hair

If you have a pet, giving your apartment a quick clean involves getting rid of their hair that gathers everywhere. Gather up any dog or cat toys, and clean out your cat’s litter box if you need to. Vacuum your floors if you have time.

Light a Candle

Light a candle or spray a room scent to remove any cleaning odors from your apartment to create a cozy atmosphere. Your guests will think your apartment always smells—and looks—this good! 

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