How to Create a Workspace in a Small Apartment

create a workspace in a small apartment

You can create a workspace in your apartment by designating one desk for your work.

With many individuals shifting to working from home this spring, the transition can be difficult if you don’t create boundaries between your life and work. When you live in a small apartment, without a spare office at the ready, you have to get a little creative with creating your home workspace. Following the five tips below can help you create a workspace in your apartment without depriving you of your focus or sanity. 

Keep a Dedicated Desk

If you don’t yet have a desk in your apartment, you may be tempted to do your work at a kitchen table or your kitchen island. However, this is not a great idea. Establishing a work-life divide when working at home is essential, and taking care to create a workspace is the first step in achieving that separation. If you don’t have the space to keep a desk standing all day, get a desk you can fold away and store when you are not working. 

Create a “New Room”

Even if you live in a studio apartment, a little creativity can help you create a brand new workspace. For instance, if you can tuck away your hideaway desk into a closet, you can paint and decorate the closet interior in a unique way that distinguishes it from the rest of your apartment. This closet can then function as your “home office.” Alternatively, if you have a desk that isn’t tucked away, you can hang a couple of curtains around it to create a separation. 

Look Out the Window

If possible, create a workspace that allows you to look out of a window during the daytime. This will give you the perception that you are in a larger space, and lets you watch the activity outside. This also gives you a sense of being connected to your community. 

Step Outside of Your Apartment

You can also help break up your day by stepping out of your apartment from time to time. Take a 30-minute walk at lunchtime, or celebrate the end of your workday by taking a stroll with the dog around the neighborhood. If you spend too much time in your apartment, you could drive yourself nuts! It’s crucial then to take a break, step outside, and get breaths of fresh air. 

Get Dressed For Work

Getting dressed for work rather than lounging in your pajamas will help make you feel like you’re at work. If you want to change into sweatpants when you’re done, that is okay! An outfit change helps signify to your mind that you’re “at work” versus “at home,” even if you haven’t left your apartment. 

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