6 Ways to Increase the Natural Light in Your Apartment

A white apartment full of natural light

Filling a room with light colors helps increase the reach of natural light in your apartment.

It can be difficult enough to find an apartment you like, and even harder to find one that has ample lighting or scenery available. However, just because your apartment may have small or few windows, that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to access natural light. There are strategies and techniques you can employ to increase the natural light in your apartment. With the end of daylight saving time approaching, and the arrival of short winter days, it is increasingly hard to find enough daylight as it is. With these techniques, you can help open up your apartment to natural winter sunlight. 

Clear Space Around Windows

Before you take any further steps to maximize your natural light, make sure each window is not obscured by anything else. Ideally, windows would be visible from any standing or sitting point in the room. 

You can move tall or bulky furniture to the darker side of a room so that it will not obstruct light coming through the window. For the same reason, only place low or thin plants on your windowsill. Furniture alternatives like floating shelves or glass door cabinets and chairs with narrow legs can help sunlight access your apartment. 

Place Mirrors Strategically 

Mirrors and reflective services can double or triple the reach of natural light in your apartment. Hanging mirrors can extend the sunlight into almost any corner of your room. You can also put mirrors or reflective surfaces on the west- and east-facing walls because the sun will hit those walls each for half of the day. If you notice where beams of light hit your apartment, you can also place reflective surfaces there as well. 

Use Window Treatments During the Brightest Hours

If you do have windows that face east or west, you may have too much light during the morning or evening. For these instances, you can use light window treatments during those bright hours, but nothing so heavy that would obstruct light during the rest of the day. 

Window treatments that work best for this are white or soft colors and made of a material that light can pass through. If your window treatments are floor-length, that can help make your room look larger as well. 

Fill Your Room With Light Colors

To increase the lighting in your apartment, you can choose lighter colors for your furniture and decor whenever possible. White and lighter shades will reflect light, so when you do get natural light pouring in, these pieces will help brighten your entire room. Since floors receive most of your apartment’s light, having light-colored rugs is especially helpful. 

Clean Your Windows Monthly

Even with light colors and open spaces, creating a clear path for natural light, you still need to make sure that the window letting light in is clean. Windows accumulate dust, dirt, and film that weakens the strength of the light passing through, so maintaining their cleanliness is essential. 

Invest in Lighting 

Unfortunately, even with increased access to natural light, your apartment will need more lighting, especially as the days grow shorter in the winter. Adding some floor or table lamps or string lights can complement natural light during the day. 

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