8 Ways to Heat Your Apartment On a Budget

A man uses a blanket and hot water bottle and drinks hot tea.

Don’t be like this anymore! Learn how to heat your apartment without breaking the bank.

Increasing the warmth of your apartment without increasing your utility bill payments can be challenging. However, there are methods you can use to creatively improve the warmth of your apartment and your own comfort along with it. The cold winter weather shouldn’t require you to freeze in your own home! Read on for a few tips on how to work around utility costs and still comfortably heat your apartment this season. 

Use a Humidifier

Using a humidifier creates humid air, which helps to heat your apartment without relying on a cranked-up thermostat. Additionally, some types of humidifiers help to purify the air as well. 

Limit Your Use of Exhaust Fans

The fans in your kitchen or bathroom that help to cut odors or moisture can be useful, but they also pull warm air out of your apartment. Be mindful of how long these fans run and shut them off as soon as you can. 

Use Your Windows

During the daytime, open your curtains or window treatments to let the warm sunlight enter and heat your apartment. You can also consider hanging thermal curtains, which hold heat in during the nighttime. 

Open the Bathroom Door When You Shower

Opening the bathroom door while running a hot shower allows the warm, damp air to spread throughout the rest of the apartment. 

Use a Hot Water Bottle

This may seem old-school, but it works! Placing a hot water bottle at the end of your bed, under the sheets, helps to keep your feet warm while you’re in bed. If your feet are warm, the rest of you will be as well. 

Gather a Lot of Winter-Friendly Textiles

You can cover your couch and bed with warm blankets and throw pillows to provide you and your friends and family with cozy ways to get warmer. You can also cover hardwood floors with thick area rugs, and switch out your regular bed sheets for warmer flannel sheets. 

Cook Meals in Your Oven

If you’re looking to save more money, fixing your own meals rather than eating out will help you save a lot each week. If you craft your recipes, look for dishes that are cooked in the oven. The warmth emanating from the stove will fill at least your kitchen and might spread out some to heat your apartment. 

Prevent Drafts

Cold winter air often makes its way through windows, even when they are closed. You can place draft stoppers on your window sills, or consider applying a window film kit. First, contact your building manager or landlord for approval before applying any adhesives to your windows. 

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