How to Throw a Game Day Apartment Party

A group of friends cheer with beer glasses on game day

Prepare your apartment for a game day party by providing enough drinks for your guests.

Watching a weekend football game is always better with friends. However, if stadium seats are too cold or expensive, and sports bars are too loud or crowded, you can invite your friends over to your apartment to enjoy the game day. If you have an apartment, you may be hesitant to invite over friends for a viewing party, because you aren’t sure if you have space. Most likely, you have space enough for a fun, cozy apartment party with your friends; you only have to learn some tricks to make your small apartment ready for guests. Read on for tips on maximizing your small space and preparing for the friends who are ready to eat, drink, and watch some football

Know How Many People to Invite, and Where to Put Them

Know Your Capacity

Before you invite guests, find out if your landlord or complex has a limit on the number of guests you can invite to your apartment party. You also need to know the parking rules for your property and direct your guests on where they can legally park. 

Get Creative with Seating

You will want to clear as much space as possible in your living room and kitchen areas, or any place that has access to the television. You can bring in any chairs and pillows from other rooms to provide seating options. However, make sure you aren’t stuffing people into the rooms. Your game day guests will need space to move and socialize. 

Prepare Your Drink Options

What Will People Want?

Consider who you have invited and what their drinking preferences are. Or, you could provide a basic selection of beers and bottled hard drinks for your guests. Also, remember that not everyone will want to drink or only drink alcohol, so you should provide other options like soda, lemonade, or water. 


Ensure you have enough fridge space for your drinks so they can remain cold throughout your game day apartment party. You can also purchase a large cooler and place them all in there. Provide guests with plastic cups if you want to avoid doing a lot of dishes, and set out coasters to protect your tabletops. 

Decide On the Menu

Game Day Foods

There are endless foods perfect for game day parties that are ready-made at your local grocery store. Chips and dip, veggies and hummus. Foods that take a bit of preparation like wings, nachos, burgers, and quesadillas are also yummy game day options.

Be Over-Prepared

Provide your guests with lots of heavy-duty plates and bowls and lots of silverware. To avoid the awkwardness of running out of food halfway through game day, make sure you have snacks like chips, pretzels, popcorn, and veggies on hand to give people until the game is done. 

Other Game Day Hosting Duties

The Bathroom

Your guests will need to use the bathroom at some point, so you should make it as clean and well-stocked as possible beforehand. Place extra toilet paper in the bathroom, provide extra hand towels near the soap dispenser, and place a strategic air freshener. 

Outdoor Areas 

If you have a balcony, porch, or backyard space, prepare the area for people who may want to go outside for some air. Provide a trash can and paper towels for those who take their food outside. You can set up a Bluetooth speaker to broadcast the game from the TV, so no one misses a minute, and if your guests are smokers, provide ashtrays. 

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