How to Host an Apartment Dinner Party

Friends gather during an apartment dinner party
An apartment dinner party with friends can be cozy and inviting with some finger food and fine wines.

If you are living in a modest apartment, you may not think that hosting a dinner party for your friends or family is a feasible option for you. Dinner parties are for people with large dining rooms and extensive kitchens, right? On the contrary, an apartment can be the perfect space for gathering to share fine food and drink, and you can even do it within your budget. The best season for parties is gearing up, so follow our guide below on how to successfully welcome guests over for your apartment dinner party. 

Plan Early

The most important factor for success with your first apartment dinner party is planning early. Starting several weeks ahead of time gives you lots of time to gather your materials, plan the menu, and give your guests plenty of notice. 

Keep the Menu Simple


“Finger foods” like mini quiches and dumplings are often popular at dinner parties. Whatever your menu, you should always provide at least one vegetarian option, although if you are familiar with your friends’ diets, you can provide for specific restrictions. You can also serve a one-pot meal, like a pasta dish or jambalaya. 


Wine and beer are the easiest drink options, but if you want to serve cocktails at your apartment dinner party, it is best to choose one signature drink and make a pitcher or two to serve at the party. 

Create Ambiance

Taking the time to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere for your apartment dinner party can go a long way towards making up for any shortage of space. You can include the following to create some ambiance: 

  • Play up-tempo music
  • Place fresh flowers in the living room and bathroom
  • Light unscented tea lights in safe locations
  • Carefully select napkins, dinnerware, and flatware

Get Creative

Use a Cooler

To save room for food in your fridge, you can get a large, separate cooler to hold beers, sodas, or wine coolers. 

Move Furniture

Don’t be afraid to rearrange your furniture to make more room for mingling and seating in your apartment.

Invest in a Portable Coat Rack

Winter dinner parties mean lots of heavy coats and scarves. If you want to avoid a pile of coats people need to dig through, you can offer your guests a coat rack. 

Don’t Take On Too Much… But If You Do, Ask For Help

Your party is supposed to be fun for you, too, and you don’t want to spend weeks stressing over a fun event. If you do find yourself overwhelmed, ask a friend for help! Many people may be willing to help you decorate or prepare some dishes. Don’t let the planning stop you from enjoying the party! 

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