Creative Ways To Add Light To A Dark Apartment

Check out these creative ways to add light to a dark apartment.

Check out these creative ways to add light to a dark apartment.

If your apartment doesn’t get enough natural light, it can make your home feel too dark and have an effect on your mood. However, there are plenty of ways to add more light to a dim apartment to make your place feel brighter and happier! Continue reading for a few creative ways to add more light to your unit.

Overhead Lights

While your apartment likely came with light fixtures and ceiling fan lights already installed, they often provide insufficient light for an entire room. If possible, swap your overhead lighting out for fixtures you prefer or with stronger lightbulbs- just be sure to check with your landlord or property manager first! You may be surprised what a new LED lightbulb can do to add light to the room.


If your living room or bedroom has windows, then you are bound to get some sunlight during the day. Mirrors are a great way to reflect sunlight and make a room feel much larger and illuminated! Hang mirrors, glass doors, or other metal items across from your windows to bounce the light and make the room feel bigger and brighter.

Festive Lights

Don’t overlook the power of festive lights! Hanging up a strand of fairy lights over your bed or couch is an easy and affordable way to add ambiance and a different type of lighting to your apartment. These lights are often softer or colorful and are perfect for turning on once the sun goes down to provide a calming vibe to your space.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Lighting is especially important in the kitchen, as you need to have good vision when chopping ingredients and cooking meals on the stove. While you probably don’t have extra room on your countertops for a large lamp, you can easily add under cabinet lighting to provide light exactly where you need it! These lights can usually be held in place with Velcro or command strips so they are easy to install and won’t damage the rental’s cabinets.

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