4 Important Reminders When Having A Party Using Apartment Amenities

Keep these 4 important tips in mind when having a party using apartment amenities.

Keep these 4 important tips in mind when having a party using apartment amenities.

If you want to have a party with a large group of people, you may find that your apartment is too small for the guest list. However, if you live in an apartment complex, you may be lucky enough to have access to amenities! If your complex offers event spaces or the ability to book a private party at the pool, be sure to keep these four important things in mind.

Reserve In Advance

When using apartment amenities, you must be accommodating and reserve the space well in advance. Decide where is the best place to host your party, whether it is an outdoor area or in an event space within your complex. Ask about the reservation options and any rental fees or agreements, and be sure to leave plenty of time to allow your complex to prepare and schedule the event.


Since you are renting a space for a party, it’s essential to know about any restrictions ahead of time. For example, the event space will likely have a limit as to how many people it can hold, alcohol restrictions, and how late you can stay in the room. Ask about all of these considerations before the day of your party to ensure that everyone is on the same page and you follow the rules!

Be Considerate

Remember that you are renting a public area- it’s essential to be considerate of others around you. Your party will likely be in an area close to other units and neighbors, so you must do your best to keep the noise levels down. While most people won’t have an issue with a quiet birthday dinner, you don’t want to be keeping neighbors up late at night with music and loud guests.

Simple Decorations

If you plan to decorate the room for your party, ask about what is and isn’t acceptable beforehand. If you are allowed to hang decorations on the wall and make the party festive, be sure to keep it simple. The setup and take down process should be quick and quiet, as you don’t want to be popping balloons at midnight. When throwing a party in a common space, be considerate and remember that less decor is better!

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