How to Save Money On Your Apartment’s Utility Bills

lower your apartment's utility bills

Learn what you can do to potentially lower your apartment’s utility bills.

When you’re renting an apartment, several of your monthly costs, such as your rent, will be at a fixed price. However, your utility bill is one facet of apartment life in which you can take some measures to lower your monthly expenses. There are several things you can do to shave some dollars from your utility bill. Every renter may not be able to take all of these actions, but it is worth looking into what you can do to lower your apartment’s utility bills. 

Contact Your Provider

You can sometimes contact your provider directly for advice on how to lower your utility bill. Some providers will give you tips on how to save, and some power companies offer plans where you can pay more during certain hours in exchange for a reduction in your overall rate. Many companies offer you the most expensive plan upfront, without listing all of your options, so it pays to dig in and discover your money-saving options.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Sealed

If cold air is leaking into your apartment, you will feel the need to crank up the heat and therefore increase your apartment’s utility bills. Using sealing tape to seal your windows properly, or consulting with your landlord on how to fix it, can help insulate your apartment naturally without spending more on heating

Save Money on Water

Water use is a common reason for high apartment utility bills. Sometimes water expenses will be included in the rent, but if they are not, you can take some steps to decrease your water usage. You can: 

  • Fix a dripping faucet or a toilet with a faulty seal
  • Only wash full loads in your washing machine
  • Use cold water in your washing machine to conserve electricity
  • Put your hot water heater on the lowest setting
  • Run your dishwasher when it’s full 

Save Money on Lighting

Switching to LED light bulbs can save you electricity costs. You can keep fluorescent lights in rooms that you don’t use as frequently because they will become brighter faster. LED lights can go in your kitchen or bathroom lights, which are often used. 

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, being wise about how you use it can help lower your apartment utility bills. Depending on the temperature, be sure to raise or lower the thermostat when you leave the apartment for extended periods so that you can conserve energy. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, turn the heat or AC down or up when you leave your home. 

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