How to Be a Good Neighbor?

Be a good neighbor

When moving into your new apartment, don’t forget to be a good neighbor and introduce yourself!

For many people, there is no place they’d rather be than in a luxury apartment building like Harborside Village Apartments. But living in an apartment is never harder than when you have a bad neighbor move in around you. One bad neighbor can mean disruption and chaos for everyone in the building. So, how do you be a good neighbor? Read on to find out!

Meet and Greet

This doesn’t mean you have to be best friends with your new neighbors. Making an effort to introduce yourself and saying “hello” can help you settle any problems effortlessly. Casually ask them about their hours and tell them about yours. This simple communication can make a world of difference during any late night noise confrontations.

Don’t be Condescending

Writing a note to a noisy neighbor is always hard. Things can often be misinterpreted. Before slipping the note under their door, think twice. Make sure you read it through again once you have calmed down. Keep your note nice and polite.

Planning a Celebration

If you are planning a celebration or a party, try inviting your neighbors. This will not only alert them to the possible noise level but make them feel included as well. Make sure the party breaks up at a reasonable hour and doesn’t get out of hand with intoxicated friends stumbling in the hallway.

Laundry Room Etiquette

Let’s talk about laundry rooms first. No one likes traveling all the way down into the laundry room, but it is a necessity of life. It is important to be courteous to the people who are already using the machine so avoid taking their clothes out to put yours in. When you leave the laundry room, set an alarm for when your clothes will be finished so you can move them when they are done. This avoids the risk of your clothes being moved without your knowledge. Picking up the laundry room is everyone’s responsibility, so pick up used dryer sheets or empty bottles when you see them.

To be a good neighbor, you should be courteous and considerate of others. So don’t forget to introduce yourself and clean up after yourself when you can. Offering a little bit of kindness like baking cookies or offering to water their plants while they are out of town can make living at Harborside Village a wonderful experience. For more information on moving into a luxury apartment like Harborside Village Apartments, call us today!

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