How To Decorate Your Apartment For Halloween


It’s time to decorate your apartment for Halloween!

Halloween is coming up in just two short weeks, so now is the perfect time to start getting into the Halloween spirit with some fun decorations for your apartment! These easy decorations are great for apartments without porches or much space to decorate, but will still get your community excited about the holiday. Make sure you’re prepared with candy and treats because your decorations will definitely attract some attention!

Door Decor

Although you may not have a porch or your own outdoor area, you can still decorate your front door with fun or spooky decorations. Whether you prefer to buy pre-made decor or want to get creative by making DIY crafts, your door is the best place to showcase your spirit to your community. You can wrap your door in white crepe paper for a mummy effect, use black construction paper to create large eyes peering outside- or if you don’t want the scary effect, googly eyes are a fun alternative!


While Halloween themed pumpkin lights are cute, it can be tricky to figure out how to hang them on your door and plug them in, while being able to shut your door completely. Carving pumpkins itself is a great fall activity, so have a night with friends or family to carve some funny and scary pumpkins, then put a warm glowing candle inside. Also, why not try to carve some different types of fruit or vegetables? You can carve and illuminate pineapples, oranges, squash and even potatoes for interesting and unique decorations.

Tip: If your community advises against candles for fire safety, check out battery light candles.

Orange Fever

Orange may as well be the official color of October and is a great way to bring some holiday spirit into your home. Decorate your living room with orange pillows, candles, and any other accent pieces you wish! Little pumpkins are also a cute and easy decoration to display on your mantle or fireplace to bring fall vibes into your home.

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