How To Keep Your Home Warm This Fall And Winter

Learn how to keep your apartment warm and cozy this fall and winter.

Learn how to keep your apartment warm and cozy this fall and winter.

As the temperature begins to drop outside, it’s time for us to start thinking about how to keep our apartments warm without spending all of our money on heating. Living in a rental apartment leaves you with fewer options than those who own their homes, but that just means you have to be a little more creative! With a bit of do-it-yourself determination, these tips will help you stay warm this season without breaking the bank.

Check Your Windows

Before winter sets in, you’ll want to check all of your windows for insulation problems. If a window in your apartment is drafty, contact your landlord or maintenance person as soon as possible to fix it. However, If your maintenance team is taking a long time to respond or isn’t interested in making the repairs, you can do them yourself! Did you know that if your windows and doors are leaky, 30 percent of your heat could be going right out the door? A door sweep is an easy and cheap way to secure gaps in windows and doors to keep the heat inside your home instead of escaping through cracks and crevices.

Open The Curtains

Windows are also great for bringing warmth into your home. You can use the physical properties of solar heat to your advantage to help you stay warm- for example, pull up the blinds and open the curtains during the day to let the sunlight pour in and warm up the room.

Area Rugs

As much as we love our hardwood floors, they can get pretty cold in the fall and winter. And for renters, installing wall to wall carpeting isn’t a possibility. That’s where area rugs come in- the perfect option for any hardwood apartment! Area rugs come in multiple sizes, colors, and patterns, so it’s easy to customize them to your space. Also, area rugs are natural insulators and will have your apartment feeler warmer and cozier in no time.

Energy Efficient Space Heater

Sometimes, the only way we can truly beat the cold is by cranking up the heat. Traditional space heaters are usually inefficient at heating sources since they need a lot of electricity in exchange for the heat they provide. You’ll want to look for an energy-efficient model that can be repositioned to heat larger areas without going over your electricity budget.

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