How To Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home

A new apartment can feel like home with a few simple updates.

A new apartment can feel like home with a few simple updates.

When moving into a new apartment, it can take a while for it to really feel like home. Many people rent apartments for short periods at a time and may feel like it’s not worth it to decorate their apartment when they won’t be there for very long. However, having a space that feels like home to very important, even if it is for just a few months. We understand that you’re probably on a tight budget, so here are a few inexpensive ways to update your apartment into a homey, safe space.


The main point of decorations is to bring life and personality into your apartment, so only buy things that actually make you feel happy. The difference between blank, dull walls and walls full of artwork and decor that you truly love is amazing and can immediately transform your space. Plants are also a great way to add life to your room, and can even have positive effects on your happiness and stress levels.

Keep It Simple

It’s amazing how much simple upgrades can completely change the feel of your apartment. Adding pops of color and texture with different curtains, lighting fixtures and rugs can drastically modify the mood of a room.

Give Everything A Place

In a new place, you may not have figured out where to put all your belongings just yet. It is essential to give everything a place, to make you feel like the rental apartment is your own. Purchase simple organizational items such as a coat stand, shoe storage and a place to put your keys to make it feel like you’re entering home as soon as you walk in the door.

Make Your Money Count

While on a budget, be aware of things you can get from inexpensive stores, and things that are worth spending the extra money. You do not want to cheap out on your mattress, for example, as we spend most of our time in bed and it should be the most comfortable spot in our house. Also, larger projects like painting or installing temporary wallpaper takes more work and money, but the results make the biggest difference in making your apartment feel like your own.

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