Organizing a Shared Walk-In Closet

walk-in closet

Check out some interesting ways you can organize your new walk-in closet.

Whether you have been dating for a year, married for a month, or 20 years, there is one thing all couples have in common: they hate sharing closet space. In your morning dash to get to work, you pull out a pair of jeans and pull them on only to find out they belong to your husband or wife. So how do you organize a shared walk-in closet without starting an argument? Read on to find out.

Divide and Conquer

When sharing the same space, it is important to separate your items into designated areas for each person. This will help you from grabbing his jeans and her blouse in your morning rush to work. Use hanging shoe racks or bins to create a designated area for each person’s clothing. If your walk-in closet has a built-in shoe rack, put all of your shoes on the top while your partner’s shoes are on the bottom.

Add Levels

His and hers closets will have to accommodate many different types of clothing. From shirts to shoes, your closet will be stuffed if it is lined up next to each other. Consider adding another rod for extra storage. Men’s wear can usually be doubled on a hanger, leaving the bottom of the closet empty and perfect for a second rod. The floor is the perfect level for a shoe rack or a hamper, freeing otherwise used space around your apartment. On the women’s side of the closet, use the levels to create space for both jeans and shirts, but also leave one spot as a single level for dresses, long jackets, and skirts.

Storage Items

Storage is key in a closet. From shoe racks to baskets to shelves and drawers, your walk-in closet should be full of extra storage. These units are designed to make the most of your existing closet space. Adding shelves in an open section of the closet will allow you to display shoes or folded items. Use a hanging organizer on the back of your door to free up valuable floor space.

Sharing a closet can be stressful when you can’t find all of your items easily. But with some helpful tips and a walk-in closet, your relationship will continue down a smooth path. For more information on our luxury apartments or walk-in closets, call Harborside Village Apartments today!

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