Spring your Luxury Apartment into Summer

luxury apartment summer decor

With some bright colors, light curtains, and fresh flowers, your apartment will be better for spring.

Spring is well underway and you’ve probably already checked off most items on your cleaning list. Now all you have left to do is sit back, relax, enjoy your clean luxury apartment, and wait for summer to arrive. You’ve been hunkered down trying to keep warm for months, and now it’s time to spread your wings. With a few elegant touches, your luxury apartment décor will be ready for the transition from winter to summer.

Summer Accessories

Obviously it’s not so easy to repaint your apartment change out your furniture for every new season. That would be quite expensive, incredibly time consuming, and your landlord might not appreciate the constant painting. Instead, focus on adding small touches that bring the seasons of the outdoors, indoors. When it comes to summer, take your inspiration from the beautiful things that are happening outside. Summer is full of brightly colored flowers and grass, intense sunshine, and blue skies. Switch out easy accessories like curtains, comforters, pillows and rugs. Add pops of summer colors anywhere you can, and leave the deep comforting warm colors of winter behind. Summer is all about letting in the light, so brighten up your apartment with exciting pops of color.

Exercise your Green Thumb

One of the major benefits of the summer season is that everything is so alive. When it comes to summer décor, you can easily bring the season indoors with some plants. Whether you love fresh flowers or you enjoy growing herbs, find a way to bring some of that life inside. Plants can be a bit of commitment in terms of upkeep, but you won’t regret the freshness, light, and color that plants can add to your apartment. There are so many different options, and some require more work than others. Find plants that match your lifestyle and bring them into your home for a dose of serious summertime.

Prepare for Heat

Another important element of summer is the heat that goes along with it. In addition to getting your décor up to summer standards, you’ll need to ensure that your cooling systems are properly functioning. Consider having your HVAC inspected just before it gets too hot, and clean off your ceiling fans. Make sure the fan is rotating counter clockwise so that hot air is pushed down and circulated out.

Harborside Village Apartments

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