Prepping for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment: Top Items You Can Ditch

After you’ve effectively organized your apartment home following the long winter season, you may have found yourself discovering a few items that you aren’t sure whether you should ditch or donate entirely. At Harborside Village, we can help get you prepped for spring cleaning while the snow continues to melt outside. Here are a few top items we think you can choose to either ditch or donate to your local community. This will help keep your apartment feeling clean, organized, and ready for the spring season to arrive.

spring cleaning

At Harborside Village, we can help get you prepped for spring cleaning in your apartment while the snow continues to melt outside.

Spring Cleaning Old Paperwork

At Harborside Village, our spacious one to two-bedroom apartment homes all feature big living spaces and bathrooms for each bedroom. Since your space isn’t restricted, you may have found yourself hanging on to old paperwork that you no longer need. Rather than storing old paperwork in a spare cabinet or drawer, you should look through your paperwork to determine whether you still need to hold on to it. If not, shred it and toss it into recycling!

Old Clothes That No Longer Fit

One of the top items you can spring clean from your apartment home is old clothes that no longer fit you anymore or that have gone out of style. You’ll also want to check your children’s clothes for any items they are no longer wearing or have outgrown. Anything that’s still in good condition, you can donate to your local Goodwill to give back to the community. This will also make space in your closet for spring apparel — now that’s a win for everyone.

Seasonal Magazines

While magazines are great to thumb through on a slow afternoon, you’ll want to pitch any magazine into the recycling that is seasonally outdated that you don’t intend on keeping. For example, a Christmas-themed magazine that didn’t have any recipes you wanted to make or would consider making next holiday season. Seasonal magazines can take up space within your apartment home and occasionally be more of an eyesore than they are worth. 

Gym Sneakers

If you’ve been taking advantage of our gym, then you’ll want to toss any gym sneakers that have become tread worn and invest in a pair of new spring trainers. There’s nothing like lacing up a pair of new sneakers and hitting the gym, and Harborside Village’s complex gym is the perfect place to get ready for the pool this coming spring!

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